Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo is equipped with detachable cannon and grabber, helps turn the sky into a playground, remind you of your childhood memory. With 0.3MP camera, enables to capture photos for you.

The detachable cannon allows you to shoot miniature balls at moving objects that are up to 2 meters away, while the grabber will transport miniature objects that weighs up to 4g to a different location.

The high performance of the safety flight function and 3-axis gyro on the Parrot mini drone will ensure the drones flies smoothly and is easy to control.


Create a high-tech and fun world for you. Fire miniature balls at moving objects with the Cannon, effective firing range is up to 2m.


Can transport mini-objects that weigh up to 4g to a new location.

Aerobatics In The Air

Support to reverse, rotate, flip in both directions.

Magic Take-off

In standby status, throw the drone into the air, it will take off immediately.

Safety Flight

High performance sensor and 3-axis gyro make the drone fly stable, easy to control. Autopilot function makes the drone stay stable and hover when you stop using the controls.

Remote Control

Can be controlled via Flypad(not included) or mobile phone/tablet after downloading the FreeFlight app.


Brand Parrot Mambo
Accelerometer 3-axis
Gyroscope 3-axis
Camera 300,000 pixels
Memory 300MB
Battery 550mAh LiPo battery
Bluetooth Support
Flying Time Max. 9min
Charging Time 30min with a 2.1 A charger
Product Weight 63g(without bumpers or accessories)
Product Size 18 x 18cm with bumpers
Package Contents 1 x Mambo Drone, 1 x Cannon, 1 x Grabber, 1 x USB Cable, 50 x Cannon Balls, 1 x Quickstart Guide

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